About Me

13532948_1354697474559752_3433041264284522697_nMy name is Mara. Another name I like to go by is Mara Baby. I’m originally from Las Vegas, NV but graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Before I began pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree back in 2011, I used to love writing and blogging. It was my outlet for processing the world around me. However, once I began college the constant demands from professors, homework, sorority life, clubs and organizations on campus, working, maintaining a social life, and the other 53 million things that come with being an undergrad, I lost sight of my passion for writing and blogging. Every New Year I would write “Write MORE. Blog MORE.” on my New Year’s Resolution Lists and EVERY year I would fail.

ldSince then, I have graduated college, stopped working, and started studying full time for the LSAT. Well I decided, no more! Okay, I’m still going to study for the LSAT because obviously I want to get into Law School But I will no longer go through the motions and push my love for writing and blogging to the side! I’m a 23 year recent college grad millennial who has a helluva lot to say and a passion for life that is unparalleled by most. If you stick around you might find something that you love, something that you hate, something that challenges your perceptions of the world, and maybe even something that speaks to your soul. Either way, I’m just trying to figure out life after the degree and these are The Musings of Mara.

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