My Subscription to The Planner Addict Box: February Edition

Last Month I reviewed January’s Box on my blog and since I’m somebody who is aiming to make consistency a theme in my life this year and STILL a planner addict, I have to review this month’s box as well!

January’s box was definitely a tough act to follow! I loved the pink, gold, and sparkles that last month’s box contained and I was waiting for February’s Box from the moment my calendar read February 1st. Okay, I may be being a bit dramatic but I was highly anticipating February’s box after loving January’s Box so much.


Overall Review: This month’s box was a good box, but I definitely think I loved January’s Box a tad bit more. I think that’s just due to my own hang-ups on Month’s and their respective Holiday’s. I would have love to see more pink and red but then again I can respect TPAB for not giving us the typical cliché February theme. This month’s theme was “Planner Love” and they most certainly delivered on that aspect. I think my problem with this month’s box is that it had quite a few things I can’t personally see myself using but I can see how they would be useful to other planner addicts.  This month’s TPAB included: Journaling Cards, Sticker Mini Kit, Washi Tapes, Stamps, Pen, Planner Stencils, and a BONUS: Planner Tips Card

When it comes to my planner, I’m all about stickers and washi tape for the most part. Things like stamps and stencils don’t particularly interest me because for one, I don’t own an ink pad, and for two I don’t have the patience to use stencils. However, that doesn’t mean that somebody somewhere won’t love them. While I wasn’t all in love with everything in February’s box, I do believe that TPAB does an excellent job of trying to accommodate to the different types of planner enthusiasts there are in the world. My personal favorite this month were the two washi tapes, the sticker mini kit, and the bonus item: planner tips card. I also thought the pen was realllly cute because it was pink and gold, which are seemingly my colors of 2017.

I appreciated one of the washi tapes because although it wasn’t red and pink Valentine’s Day themed, it was heart-themed and I can always get behind that for the month of February. The other washi tape felt kinda similar to one of the one’s from last month so I wasn’t all googly-eyed over it.

I liked the stickers because like always they matched the two washi tapes provided and when it comes to a cohesive monthly spread or weekly spread, having a sticker to match that is great. They have definitely gotten the “functional sticker” part of planning down and each month I consider adding a sticker addict box to my planner addict box. I probably will once I start working but I’m not sure because I have two sticker booklets from Michael’s with over 2,000 stickers! What can I say, I’m a sticker addict too.

My final thing I loved about this month was the Planner tips they included. While many of them seem like common sense, I really liked them because the card served as a reminder to me to check my planner more often. I can’t count how many times in the past I have decked out my weekly spread only to let a day or two go past without even glancing at the thing (that may also be because I was unemployed and didn’t really have a strict schedule to adhere to but still). By keeping the tips visible on my desk I was reminded how to use my planner more effectively every day.

All in all, I liked this month’s box and will definitely put everything I loved to use. After this month’s box I’ve decided I’m going to start picking random people to send my unwanted items from the box to (if I don’t feel like taking the effort to utilize them ever). Stay tuned for a potential giveaway!

What is your favorite way to decorate your planner? Are you obsessed with washi-tape and stickers or are stencils and stamps more in your lane? Answer in the comments!

My Subscription to The Planner Addict Box: January Edition 

The concept of a Subscription Box has always been so interesting to me! For those of you reading who might be unfamiliar with them, it’s basically like a magazine subscription but instead of an issue of Cosmo or Vogue arriving in your mailbox once a month, you get a box full of goodies to enjoy. It’s like a monthly mini-Christmas and I, for one, am totally here for it. When I moved back home I discovered that my mom was subscribed to Graze and would receive a box of 100 calorie snacks at her job every month. I was telling her how back in undergrad I had wanted to subscribe to a box titled “The Planner Addict Box” which I believed to have been made specifically for ME but I was too broke. I left the living room to go do something else and thought nothing of the conversation. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am obsesssssed with my planner and the box literally was meant to be with me. Well my mother knows me very well and she decided to gift me a monthly subscription to the Planner Addict Box (isn’t she the sweetest?)

I don’t know if it has been conveyed enough in the posts I currently have on my blog but I’m truly a Planner Addict. I obsess over my planner. I like planning, decorating, writing, drawing, washi tape, post-its, pretty pens you nameeeee it! I’m in multiple Facebook groups dedicated to planning and my Passion Planner. Anyone who knows me well would not be surprised to find out I had a subscription to “The Planner Addict Box.”  Needless to say, I was anxiously waiting for my first delivery. The idea of getting more washi tape alone was enough to get me excited. So far I have received four boxes.I got my October Box and November Box while I was in Ohio and my December and January boxes in Vegas, where I will be getting the rest of them.


I will admit when I first got my October Box I was a tad bit underwhelmed. I was cursed due to my expectations from seeing previous boxes on Instagram. This box didn’t look as nice as those and one of the sticker sheets had been printed on regular paper. The company later fixed the issue by sending me two sheets of the stickers instead of one which made me happy but it did delay my planner decorating. However, the box did have some decent items. I decided not to cancel my subscription and see what was in store for the following. Luckily for me, the November Box was amazing and definitely reassured me that subscribing to “The Planner Addict Box” would not be something I felt bad about. The December box was great as well. Now for the Box I will be reviewing!


This is my January Edition of My “The Planner Addict Box” (being referred to as TPAB from here on out) and the first box of the new year! Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m going to review the box overall and then list my favorite items from this month’s delivery.

Overall Review: I loved this month’s box! The theme was “Let’s Party” in honor of the New Year and I think the people over at TPAB did an excellent job of putting it together. By using colors like pink and gold, this box was quite beautiful to look at and even more fun to use. It included: die cuts, a sticker mini-kit, TWO washi tapes, a golden paperclip that reads “YAY!”, a pen, and mini-calender sheets for the first 6 months of the year. Without a doubt I can see myself using every single one of the items in the box for many months to come. I especially love how they changed the color and shape if the boxes because the new boxes are so cute. Another thing they added that I appreciate is a card with a list of everything that is in the box. Without further ado I will be talking about what I enjoyed the most this month.

Here are some of my favorites from this month’s delivery:

Black and White Polka Dot Pen w/ Gold and Giant “Diamond”: As soon as I opened the box I was obsessed with this pen! I love how it looks and how it incorporates many of my favorite colors and my birthstone. I have been told that I’m “extra” more times than I can count and I feel that this pen is as extra as I amimg_2503The Stickers: I really enjoyed these stickers more than I expected myself to. My favorite ones were the To-Do List heart shaped ones. I didn’t realize I needed so many functional stickers in my life until I started my TPAB subscription boxes. The color scheme of this month stickers was beautiful and included light pink, pink, golden yellow, dark blue, and white!

3. Washi Tapes: Okay so it’s not a surprise this made it on the list because my washi-tape addiction goes hand in hand with my planner addiction. I really liked this month’s patterns and will more than likely use them more than I’d like to admit in the upcoming months. This is the first time in my time receiving TPAB that we received two washi tapes instead of one and I was so excited about that! One was pink and white with gold splatter and the other was a confetti pattern. The confetti pattern one would totally be perfect for outlining birthdays in my monthly spreads or at the top of someone’s birthday in my weekly spread.

I’m happy that my mom decided to gift me a subscription to TPAB. It has taught me a lot about myself as someone in the planner community; I have learned that I need to step my planner game up before I take to posting it on Instagram and using hashtags. I will be reviewing next month’s box right when I get it so stay tuned!

Are you subscribed to any subscription boxes? If yes, which ones? If no, which ones do you wish you were subscribed to? Answer in the comments!