Reflecting on the #MJConsistencyChallenge & My Favorite Posts So Far

The past two weeks I been committed to blogging every weekday as a part of Mattie James #ConsistencyChallenge and let me tell y’all, it has been a CHALLENGE indeed. I knew coming into this it was gOing to be difficult…but I don’t think I was even capable of imagining just how hard it would be. I will say that it is mostly my fault. I’ve been horrible at managing my time the past two weeks. I’ve even been struggling to keep up with work commitments as well and last week I didn’t even touch my planner (which is soooo unlike me). Despite how challenging it has been, I have also learned so much already and I’m excited for the next two weeks of the challenege. I’m still committed to finishing strong and finding a way to balance all of my other commitments as well. While I brainstorm more posts ideas, here are some of my favorites from the last two weeks.


Excerpt: “During my 2-year gap between undergrad and law school, one thing I had really gotten into was the Law of Attraction and all of its subparts like visualization, positive thinking, and affirmations (which I have written about before). I knew that I truly could manifest anything that I wanted if I really believed it, released it, and did the work to make it happen without worrying about. It was the final week before the LSAT and I realized I hadn’t written any affirmations for the test. I had written affirmations for every other life event that I had going on prior to this so it didn’t make sense that I hadn’t made any for the LSAT. They really helped me and have helped other people that I’ve shared them with. I decided to write this blog post with the LSAT affirmations I created for those taking the upcoming July LSAT this Saturday. Read them below!”

(read full post here)


Excerpt: “One of my biggest struggles when losing weight has always been the fact that I love to snack. Snacking isn’t always the problem but snacking on junk food too often definitely doesn’t make for a successful health & fitness journey. One thing I noticed once I started law school back in 2018 was that I am definitely a stress eater. In the last few months I’ve been super stressed and thus my snack attacks have gotten worse. I recently started a new fitness program (which I will blog about more later) and I knew if I wanted to make sure that I didn’t waste my money and was successful, I needed to start eating as healthy as I have in the past. This fact combined with one of my sorority sisters who follows me on Instagram (shoutout to Vanessa!) asking me to blog about my favorite healthy snacks led to me writing this post.”

(read full post here)


Excerpt: “I know, writing a to-do lists may sound counterproductive when you’re dealing with being overwhelmed but sometimes it helps me just to write everything down and see it in front of me. Sometimes feeling overwhelm is just a result of me feeling* like I have a lot to do in a short amount time but really I have more time than I realize to do it. Writing things down and and then prioritizing them allows me to feel more in control of how I spend my time, which helps me not feel as overwhelmed.”

(read full post here)

Which of my posts have you enjoyed this month? Have anything else you’d like to see me write about? Let me know in the comments!

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