Things Mara Loves: Shameless

I was on twitter one day minding my business when one of my sorority sisters asked me if I watched Shameless. At the time I was trying to study for the LSAT in December so I had been purposely avoiding Netflix because once I find a show I like I can’t have peace until I watch every episode of every season. I decided to watch it and I was hooked. I could not stop watching it and shortly finished the first four seasons within a couple of weeks. I was an unapologetic member the Shameless fan club!

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Shameless is a show about the Gallagher family and their crazy ass lives in Chicago, Illinois. Frank Gallagher, the father of the bunch is an alcoholic drug abuser who comes and goes as his pleases leaving his daughter Fiona to take care of her 5 younger siblings. Fiona doesn’t do it alone. She also has the help of her neighbors, her best friend V and V’s boyfriend Kevin. They help Fiona out when they can. The show takes us through Frank’s never ending antics that fuck up his children’s lives due to his own drug and alcohol problems and his problems with their mother Monica, Fiona’s love life (one that makes me feel particularly relieved for my own) and struggles of raising her siblings, Lip and his struggles being an douche-bag genius with self-destructive tendencies, Ian and his struggles with his sexuality, Debbie and her desperate need for feelings of love and acceptance, Carl and his bad ass (seriously this little guy will burn up all your shit) and his growth, and Liam with his average of 2 lines a season (luckily in the final season they give the little guy some more to say, and Veronica and Kevin’s life as a couple.

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The reason I love this show is because it is sooooo different from any show I’ve ever watched and from most of the shows I usually obsessed over like Gossip Girl and shows of that nature. Shameless is refreshingly real life look at living in what others consider to be a “bad neighborhood” and poverty and all the things that come with that. Even in its sometimes emotionally heavy story lines it often offers comedic relief to its viewers through the characters and their personalities and how they cope. If you pay close attention to the show you notice it touches on issues in society such as mental illnesses, drug and alcohol abuse, homosexuality, toxic masculinity, gentrification, the prison/parole system, LGBTQ issues, polyamory and so much more all while being the one of the most non-glamorous straight-in-your-face shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I loved it so much after I finished all the seasons on Netflix I downloaded a free trial of the Showtime app and binged watched season 7 which is not on Netflix yet because it just finished sometime in December or so.

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Do yourself a favor and watch Shameless if you’re looking for a new show to binge watch on Netflix. You won’t regret it!

What are you currently indulging in on Netflix? What are you top 3 shows you love to watch on Netflix? Gimme some suggestions in the comments! 

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