My Biggest Struggles with Zoom School of Law

Most of my law school’s classes this upcoming Fall semester will be held online due to the ongoing pandemic. While I completely understand and obviously want to prioritize the health of all law students, staff, professors, and everyone in general, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed about having to do ANOTHER virtual semester. Spring 2020 was literally the most challenging semester of my academic career and it wasn’t because of the subject material.

Law school is hard as hell in general…having to go to law school virtually is literally the WORST. I’m not looking forward to doing it again. It’s already been hard enough planning Gaming Law Journal’s virtual work week (where we train the new junior staffers for the upcoming academic year) and thinking about another virtual semester has my anxiety through the roof. I wish things could go back to law school in person “normal.”

I already talked about my 2nd year of law school on here before and mentioned how spring 2020 was rough earlier in this blog. There are a few things that really made Spring 2020 a struggle fest of a semester. Most of my issues involved the following:

  • Remember to show up to my classes
  • My family not understanding that being home =/= being available
  • Not being able to do the fun part of law school: socializing with classmates

These are such first world problems but they did affect me pretty negatively this past semester. I’m definitely going to make sure I take the steps to prevent as many conflicts as possible on this list. I will write a blog post with tips for dealing with these problems in the near future as the semester gets closer.

Have another law school related topic you’d like my thoughts on? Ask away in the comments!

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